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50 Fabulous Date Night Ideas

Dates are an important part of relationships at any stage. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 1 month or 60 years. You should still set aside time to spend with your partner to reconnect and focus on each other. Forget about your schedules, the kids, the person who annoyed you earlier in the day and devote your time and attention to the one you love.


Are you struggling to come up with new and fun ideas for your next date night? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go dancing. Try out ballroom, country line dancing, or dance the night away at your favorite club. This greatly increases your physical awareness and intimacy.
  2. Take a ceramics class together. Take a break and get dirty. Spend time getting in touch with your creative side. It doesn’t matter if you suck at it, just relax and enjoy the time together.
  3. Get a couple’s massage. It is a romantic and rejuvenating experience, plus you get to relax and let a professional do all of the work.
  4. Go for a walk. It doesn’t matter where. Just pick a place and stroll while holding hands.
  5. Have a snowball/water balloon fight. You don’t have to be adults all of the time.
  6. Try out an escape room to challenge yourselves and practice your problem solving skills.
  7. Go to a Children’s museum without the kids. Play and have fun together. Some of them even have adults only times.
  8. Try out your painting skills with a Wine & canvas session. Enjoy and relax with something new.
  9. If you are into beer, check out a local brewery tour.
  10. Take turns giving each other massages. You don’t have to be skilled, just attentive and willing to please.
  11. Try out a relationship building app like Idealationship. Go through it together to spark conversations about areas in your relationship that are good and ways you want to work towards being a better partner.
  12. Recreate your first date, and be as detailed as possible.
  13. Go ice-skating together. You may fall down a lot, but there’s something romantic about holding hands and holding each other up while skating.
  14. Find a horse drawn carriage and take a tour.
  15. Do a couples/partner yoga class together. It’s a great way to connect and relax.
  16. Go to a local art museum. Discuss what you like and why as you walk around.
  17. Try something adventurous like ziplining, a treetop rope course, or obstacle course.
  18. Rent a tandem bicycle and ride around together. Pick a pretty area for nice scenery as you work on your trust and teamwork.
  19. Make dinner. Pick a recipe you both will love, and then do every aspect together from grocery shopping until it’s time to sit down and eat. Work together and focus on enjoying the experience.
  20. Find a local music venue or bar/club and check out a band neither of you have heard of before.
  21. Ask your partner what their idea of a perfect date would be, and then make it happen.
  22. Get your partner’s favorite movie and cuddle up together. Be intentional about putting in effort and connecting to change a regular activity into something special.
  23.  Choo’s a local play or performance that your partner would enjoy.
  24. Plan a date around one of your partner’s interests/hobbies. Even if it’s not something you enjoy, you can immerse yourself in the experience and learn why they love it.
  25. Volunteer together. Pick a local shelter and serve food, or pick a charity that interests you and offer to help out for a day. Doing kind things for others has its own benefits and could bring you closer.
  26. Create your own scavenger hunt. The theme could be places and things that mean something to the two of you or not have a theme and just be ridiculous and fun.
  27. Play miniature golf together. Have fun and be playful.
  28. Go to an arcade and play all of the games you enjoyed as a kid. Do the activities together and share past experiences that come to mind.
  29. Learn a new sport together that neither of you have done before. It could be surfing, kickboxing, golf, or anything that sparks an interest. It doesn’t matter if you are any good, just support each other in the new activity.
  30. Go to a comedy show together.
  31. Spice up your sex life by trying out tantric sex or something else you’ve never done before. Make sure to make the decision together.
  32. Do a mini couples retreat or workshop that focuses on connecting.
  33. Make a vision board together with all of the things you want to work towards as a couple.
  34. Go to an international cuisine festival and discover new foods and cultures.
  35. Take a cooking class together.
  36. Attend a wine tasting event and enjoy the experience together.
  37. Get sweaty. Try out a new exercise class together or have a personal trainer take you through a workout as a couple.
  38. Take turns teaching each other about an interest or hobby that you are good at and enjoy.
  39. Get back to nature. Go hiking or walk a local nature trail.
  40. Take a historical tour of your hometown. You may learn interesting things together.
  41. Have a picnic. Plan it out together and relax and enjoy each other.
  42. Try meditation together. You can go to a class, do a guided video, or teach your partner if you are already a pro. Try physically connecting by holding hands or sitting back to back for a different experience.
  43. Go fishing. Hang out, relax, and enjoy the quiet.
  44. Play twister or some other game together that requires movement and connection.
  45. Go to the zoo.
  46. Arrange for a private chef to come to the house and make a wonderful, romantic dinner.
  47. Go bowling. Don’t be competitive, just support each other and enjoy.
  48. Play with animals. You can go to a local shelter, a petting zoo, or find an experience where you can have an encounter with a favorite exotic animal.
  49. Make each other a small gift. It could be a playlist, a scrapbook of times together, a build-a-bear, something practical, or something really creative. The thought and effort are what counts here.
  50. Create an appreciation box for each other. Find some kind of container for each of you; it doesn’t matter if it’s an empty Kleenex box or you get really creative and crafty. Then sit down and write out things that you love and appreciate about your partner on slips of paper. Put them in the box and present it to your mate. They get to pull out one slip of paper each day to learn something about them for which you are grateful.